K2 Side Effects


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June 27, 2012:
A new side effect has been discovered: It may make you kill and eat your neighbor's dog! Info on Answers.com.

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Learn more about JWH-018, the active ingredient in K2!

Known Side Effects of K2 or "Spice"

Many unknown side effects may be a danger as well

Many people are turning to a new drug called K2 to get the high associated with other drugs like marijuana.

Side effects may include:

Dangerous Hallucinations (any time you see something that isn't there, it could be a very bad thing!)
Loss of consciousness
Elevated Blood Pressure
Increased Heart Rate

With problems like these, it is no wonder that K2 is marketed as an herbal incence and not as a recommended tobacco substitute. The drug has been banned in Kansas and some parts of Missouri as well as New York and Arizona, plus half a dozen other states. The side effects of K2 are also not fully known when it comes to long term consumption, since it can take years for long-term effects to be noticed. In the same way that tobacco causes cancer, and some over the counter medications cause liver and kidney damage over time, K2 side effects may not be totally apparent for years. This is above and beyond the potential side effects from the herbs smoked in conjunction with K2, which may vary by type, and can potentiall become hazardous if consumed in conjunction with other burned plant material.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: K2 is a new drug, comes in different mixes, and contains different substances. Some of the side effects attributed to K2 may also come from added chemicals, and may cause different effects on different people. The use of Spice can lead to a number of unpredictable side effects and behavioral changes, many of which could be embarassing or lead to a permanent record of your actions on the Internet or a police file somewhere. Even if you choose to use K2 among friends, you should still understand that the drug may turn your mild-mannered buddy into a psychotic dog-eater, and he may also mistake you for a dog.